Soy Candle Making Kit
Soy Candle Making Kit

Soy Candle Making Kit

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Ever wanted to try making your own soy candles?

This DIY handmade candle material set includes:  

  • 500g particle paraffin or Soy wax 
  • 6 Glass cups
  • 5 colors (red, yellow, green, purple, blue) wax
  • 8 wicks 

Basic Instructions: 

  1. Prepare cups
  2. Melt wax in microwave
  3. Add fragrance if desired
  4. Stir wax and allow to cool slightly
  5. Carefully pour wax into cups to about 3/4 inch full
  6. Add wick and center in cup
  7. Finish adding wax
  8. Clean microwavable container
  9. Allow to cool
  10. Trim wicks
  11. Admire your first candles  

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